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{Fashion Critique}: Oscars 2012, part two

How did cinema’s leading ladies do on the red last night? Did they hit or miss the mark completely? Let’s have a look.

Viola Davis, Vera Wang 


There was a lot of raving about this gown last night. The color is fantastic on her and therein lies the majority of the comments. Few said little about the style which is not nearly as flattering as Viola’s past gowns. She has incredible skin, fantastically toned arms and a beautiful bustline that is being smothered by that bodice. The gown completely straightens her figure - horizontal seams broaden my friends - visually there isn’t much difference between her bust, waist and hips. I wouldn’t take issue with the skirt if there wasn’t the addition of that strange cut out surrounded by a ruffle. Still, the color clearly makes up for the shortcomings of the gown. I prefer her Marchesa from the SAG awards. 

Michelle Williams, Louis Vuitton


Michelle’s coral dress was a bright spot of color amidst a sea of white, black and neutrals. I’ve gone back and forth on this dress. I keep trying to like this on her. The color is lovely, the peplum is deliciously retro, the bow brooch at the waist a sweet addition; but try as I might, I just don’t love it on her. She certainly doesn’t look bad. Quite the contrary. There is just something always wanting with her choices. I love her and the dress separately but not together. I am glad to see her carry a clutch, a rarity. It gives her awkwardly held arms something to do. I won’t even bitch about the color. Her makeup, however, is beautiful.

Rooney Mara, Givenchy 


I have such a fashion crush on Rooney and she disappointed me in the worst way with this dress. While amused by her flippant approach to Oscar gowns, “I picked it this morning”, leaving it to the last minute isn’t wise. For one, it doesn’t fit. Secondly, someone needed time to remove the oddly-placed boob and bandaged back decorations. Say it with me Rooney, “Don’t wear gowns that make the boobs look droopy”. She does so well on the movie premier red carpet but when it comes to the awards shows, she has fallen flat the whole season. Pity because there is a slight Audrey Hepburn look about her face and she fancies wearing a limited color palette much the same as Audrey did. Ironically, Givenchy was Audrey’s favorite designer, but Audrey would never step out in a gown that wasn’t tailored to fit her. Beautiful makeup - digging that cherries in the snow bit my dear.

Glenn Close, Zac Posen


Two things: 1) I hate the color of this dress 2) This color looks fabulous on her. I know, I’m confused by this, too. The structure is superb on her figure but there’s too much going on with the skirt + the jacket + the seaming on the bodice. If there was less skirt it would be a total win. I do love that jacket on her. She should definitely do more of that. It’s such an improvement over the Frankenstein’s bride sleeves. 

Meryl Streep, Lanvin


You know there’s a trend among nominees who wear gold to the Oscars yes? They tend to walk away with that ever coveted statue as Meryl did last night. The color is fantastic on her and looked quite lovely with little Oscar in hand. I think the draping is superb on her figure but it’s a bit too large from the waist up (I saw a photo or two with a little bra peeking out). Otherwise, do more of this honey. 

Image credit: (1) Kevin Mazur/WireImage, (all others) Getty 

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{Fashion Critique:} SAG - Back in Black

Next to the Oscars, the SAGs are my favorite awards show. It has a more casual atmosphere than the Oscars and stars don’t have to step it up quite as much as they do for the Oscars. That doesn’t mean one can get lazy, mind you. So who did it well and who failed?

Glenn Close, Zac Posen


Back away from the Zac Posen. The gown is too tight, the mermaid style doesn’t suit you, and those sleeves look like Frankenstein’s bride. 

Amber Riley, Badgley Mischka


Sometimes I question stars and celebrities choices, sometimes I question the designer’s sanity. Here it is the latter. We left the butt bow in the 80s but Badgley Mischka thought it needing resurrecting on the boobage instead. Fail.

Angelina Jolie, Jenny Packham


This fabric looks so different in photos than it did on video. Here the harsh camera flash makes it read as if it’s made from black trash bags. She’s still lovely of course.  And I loved her gold jewelry - a fresh change from gemstones. Note to starlets: check your gown in camera lighting and video lighting. The rest of the world will only see it in these formats and you need to keep that in mind when choosing a gown. 

George Clooney, Armani, and Stacy Keibler, Marchesa


George, darling, you’re such a handsome man. Please buy a tux that fits. The jacket is too wide, the pants too long. Go down a size will you love? Stacy, you know exactly how to dress as a +1 for an awards show. And you do it beautifully. (Psst, a handbag other than black would have been nice though.)

Heather Morris, Masai Payan


Heather, you really don’t have to go to Rue 21 to buy a dress. There are these people called stylists and designers who will make sure your gown isn’t bi-polar (I’m long! I’m short!). And they can fix things like your hair. And your jewelry. And…oh nevermind.

Jayma Mays, Reem Acra


This is how you do black. Jayma you look beautiful. You’re flirting with the age appropriate line but you haven’t crossed it. Yet.

Photo credit: Getty